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The magic of Bali

We are intentionally located within the lush rice paddies of Ubud.

As more people visit the natural wonders and magical beings of Bali it has become the healing capital of the world. Its a land and culture is rich with history and folklore. You cant miss it, the place was been well preserved and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the land. Peacefulness is the quintessential term to describe Ubud. So we thought it only be fitting to bring the Therapy of Floating into such a special place for healing.  


Organic Cuisine at the Float garden Cafe

The Proper nourishment is much needed to sustain health in these modern times. So we have teamed up with Chef Ibu Alit to bring our floaters and other clients a beautiful fusion of healthy Balinese cuisine and with a perfect balance of Sattvic (yogi) foods. All meals are prepared fresh only using the lands best ingredients. Majority organic, only with pure Coconut Oil and a Incredible amounts of love.




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