Services and Prices

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1 hour float 500k IDR (best price worldwide) FREE  MEAL AT CAFE  

We believe that the more floating hours you have the more you understand and trust the therapy.

We have priced the floats at a very reasonable price to allow money to not be an issue or reason not to float.

We strongly stand against the business plan of having everyone try it once and never again. The truth wealth is floating 3 days in a row.

We intend to build a community of locals and travelers alike who understand the benefits of the process.


1.5 hour float 600 rupiah 

2 hour float 700 rupiah 

Over Night float sessions are available for more serious floater, please consult our management.

Local Balinese clients float for 1/2 price

1.5 hour float 600 rupiah


Please contact management for longer durations of floats and packages via email.

Services At the float garden we are constantly evolving and growing. 

We highly value the importance of floating and floating regularly to deepen the experience.

Currently we are focusing on creating you the ultimate custom float experience. Please stop in for a consultation and we will set you up with a float program to fit your specific needs.

Our introductory package is 3 float sequence. Ideally three in a row or skipping a day in-between or floating each day for three days. You will see and feel mental, emotional, or physical difference.

Price for packages

 For first time floaters only

3 float Package 1hour floats 

1 mil rupiah 74$


3 float package  - 1 hour floats 1.2 Mil Rupiah. 

5 float package - 1.5 mil rupiah 111$

7 float package 1 hour floats - 2 mil rupiah 148$

10 float package 1 hour floats - 2.5 mil rupiah 188$ 


We also offer unlimited floating for 3 months (book day of) please inquiry with management

WET DREAM PACKAGE 6.9 mil rupiah

We have come way below standard international prices to create a pleasurable and deep experience for our clients.

Our Biggest wish is for you all to be floating regularly and building a community of like minded beings.

We  guarantee your experience and if you are not satisfied will gladly give your investment back.

This is how strongly we believe in this therapy.

Please email to book an experience.